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Carpentry projects require specific knowledge and skills. Whether you´re ready to frame up your next project, replace siding, need to replace windows and doors, or create a custom woodworking masterpiece, we have the experience to get the job done on time and on budget. Click the Call Us button below to talk about your needs!


Drywall - Finishing 

The finished appearance of a drywall wall or ceiling is largely dependent upon the quality and care exercised in applying the drywall installation and finish. Wall and ceiling areas near large windows, areas flooded with artificial or natural lighting and long hallways require special consideration in the drywall finish to ensure minor surface imperfections don’t jump out as major flaws. Without careful attention to detail, these conditions can often be overlooked by inexperienced contractors.


The term “Pole Barn” goes back to the Great Depression in the 1930’s. American Farmers began to utilize old utility poles to help construct cost effective barns for their agricultural needs. The diaphragm of the pole barn provides the backbone of the building and helps transfer wind load directly into the ground. Today, post frame construction is utilized across all segments including industrial buildings, warehouses, retail projects and even residential houses as it offers superior engineering at a lower cost that other construction methods.

Carpentry: Industries
Carpenter Assembling Newly Made Windows

Door and Window Installation

As one of the most trusted and well-respected companies in the industry, Albrighten General Contracting understands the unique challenges that relate to our clients’ projects. Our team of specialists provide unrivaled expertise and innovative solutions, customized to fit every need in the most cost-effective manner.

Vinyl Siding - Hardie Plank - Soffit - Facia

Our main goal is to get the job done right, every single time. These kinds of projects can get a bit complicated, but having Albrighten General Contracting manage them makes it easier. Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation as a trusted local business by combining efficient planning with the best management practices.

Carpentry: Industries
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